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Monday, May 15, 2006

Question, y'all...

I am currently driving a Mustang (standard coupe, 2000, paid off) but it's getting old (already has 118,000 on it). My parents are looking for another vehicle for my brother and would like to pay the market price for this car since Dad has serviced it from the very beginning and knows for sure there are no "surprises." So, here are my options:
  1. Sell to my parents for a good price and buy a new vehicle (thus, adding another major monthly expense).
  2. Keep this car longer and buy another vehicle later (using this one as trade-in).

Oh, decisions, decisions... I was so happy when I finally received a clear title on this car... But dealerships are not very generous with trade-in offers so I may get only a fraction of what my parents offering if I wait a few years.

Well, it's even more complicated -- the guy who sold me a car in 1999 when 2000 model just came out is offering a pretty good deal on the current model; and it's premium, too (see below). So it's a vicious fight between my heart and brain signals...

I am certain about one thing -- I want another Mustang.

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