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Friday, May 05, 2006

On a bright side... pilot testing is coming along just fine!

Our state is changing teacher certification tests so I agreed to sponsor pilot testing on our campus -- great chance for our students to practice (as well as earn vouchers for the real test) and excellent community service activity for me. I am usually very selective in agreeing to do anything since I stay so busy and don't want to overextend myself but this project is actually fun.

Originally, I expected about twenty students (our teacher education program is new so we don't have a lot of students). Tomorrow is a big day and we have 62 students (yes, sixty-two)!!! Hope all of them (or most of them -- am I being pessimistic??) show up!

Apparently, I inadvertently stumbled into something big -- just talked with a local school system superintendent and she is impressed we are the testing site. Cool! :)

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