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Friday, May 05, 2006

Working for free? No, thank you!

Somebody in our Registrar's office made a decision fit for a "genius": since one of her online courses is closed, let's create another section and start enrolling students! Extra tuition money, right? Right! Extra pay for the instructor, right? Wrong!

We have a crazy systemwide policy stating than instructors cannot earn more than 33% of the annual salary during summer. Since I already have a full load, teaching an extra course will result in $0.00 reimbursement. I am the only one teaching this particular course online so no way we can add another section. Makes sense, right? Alas, took me over 30 minutes to convince our "bright" staff that they cannot do it, especially without notifying me first.

Now I have to call the student who was already enrolled and explain that somebody goofed and she cannot take this class after all. I know her personally so it's better to handle this matter on my own.


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