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Sunday, August 20, 2006

And countdown begins...

I was able to accomplish quite a number of things on my to-do list (oh, this list never ends, right?). As I was happily working away, Mom called and we talked about my brother who is leaving for college this coming week. Poor Mom -- Alex is a baby of the family, the only boy, and the only one who will live in a dorm (both of us girls lived at home and saved money; he will get my parents into a huge financial hole with that astronomical tuition at ERAU -- and what are his chances of becoming an airline pilot right away? teacher and accountant are more practical professions, aren't they?)

Anyway, as we were talking, I suddenly sat up straight -- Alex is coming on Monday! Yeah, tomorrow! My refrigerator does not contain anything suitable for an 18-year-old. My house is a mess -- not like he cares but older sisters must set an example to younger brothers, especially those who will have to clean their dorm room. Right? Oh well, I will dust and vacuum tonight; then do some quick shopping after work tomorrow.

And my mini-crisis is nothing to Mom's neurosis! :) She is really losing it! Cries and laughs intermittently, checks and re-checks his "college stuff," worrying that she will forget something. Mom, he has a car and there is a huge mall within driving distance from the university! To passify her, I will go there on Friday and make sure he is all set (I live much closer than my parents so it's no big deal to me).

And why is Alex coming to my house on Monday? Who knows, maybe to escape Mom's tears and live one more day in peace before before being dunked into the murky waters of college life? Anyway, he will spend one day with me, drive to Daytona Beach on Tuesday afternoon, spend a night in the hotel, and be up bright and early for 8:00 a.m. freshman orientation. Classes don't start until the following Monday so next week will be a lot of boring but important stuff for him.

Well, my baby brother, good luck to you! And remember, your Big Sister is watching you (oh, yes -- he gave me all passwords), so don't you DARE to slack up on coursework and lose your scholarships! :) Yeah, I am as bad as Mom -- I just keep it cool! ;)

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