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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Oh, students...

Email #1 (I asked to submit an assignment as an attachment, that's all, no comments required)

Hello Ms. Alice,

How are you doing tonight?I'm pondering over what to write about,my mind seems like mush right now because i've been writing essays sinceFriday.That makes me tired and a little restless.I will need a good vacationafter first semester.Well can't write to long time to put kids to bed forschool tomorrow.Have a good night and we will chat again tomorrow.

And who said I want to chat with you??? Yeah, sounds mean, but I really don't want to be "friends" with my undergrads... Which raises another issue... Why is it OK to be friends at the graduate level? Because students are wiser, smarter, less likely to to do something stupid???

Anyway, here is another "gem."

Email #2
Timna had a very interesting post about missing the interaction with "live" students when teaching online. I don't necessarily miss students but I find it very difficult to reach my students and usually schedule a midterm meeting on-campus (disguised as a "party" to get their attention). That's why I sent out an invitation last week, asking if they could attend a meeting so they could meet each other, talk to me about their concerns, discuss midterm grades, etc. I also mentioned providing "light refreshments."

Here is one response:

I've got the grill and the charcoal. All we need now is some meat, chips, fixin's, and something to wash it all down with. Non-alcoholic of course.

Sorry, barbecue does not qualify as "light refreshments."

Ugh, it's not even a Monday morning and I am already cranky.

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