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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Chugging along... slowly but surely

  • Final grades -- posted
  • Syllabi -- two down, four to go
  • Research proposal -- in progress
  • Data coding -- almost done

It has been a crazy week so far -- final assignments coming in spurts, business writing seminar demanding my attention, and at least a million other things pulling me in different directions. On top of that, I developed an allergic reaction to the anti-malarial antibiotic that I have to take for four more weeks. Luckily, everything was fine in Africa; now the concentration is too high, I guess. Anyway, it's nothing dangerous but light rash covering my arms and chest is so annoying; it does not bother me but I can't wear sleeveless shirts (so people don't stare) and it's so hot. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and, hopefully, he will prescribe something that will make the rash go away. No way I will stop taking the medication -- malaria is not something to joke with; I would much rather deal with a mild rash.

Well, at least I don't have to be on campus; I am much more productive at my home office. Enough grumbling and feeling sorry for myself -- to the next task... :)

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