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Thursday, August 17, 2006

So we want to be adventurous and travel by train to a foreign destination...

  • Emailed several agencies, requesting the quote.
  • One agent replied and quoted $95 per person, roundtrip. OK, sounds reasonable -- even though definitely overpriced. Called this morning to confirm and was told that $95 is actually one-way, not roundtrip (as clearly stated on their yesterday's email -- aaaah, people, I am not stupid; I can read; you lied to me!!!)
  • Called a friend whose mother still lives in that country... Huh, foreign nationals cannot buy tickets through a third party... I wonder why (not!)... US = $$$$$$
  • Heard from two other agencies. One wanted $190 per person -- no way! That's a "train robbery"! :) Another wanted $65 per person, one way; OK -- let's do it! What a ripoff what can you do???
  • Having learned my lesson yesterday (how rates can quickly "change"), called the girl immediately and said I will take those tickets. I have to give her credit -- she responded in about 10 minutes and provided a link for a credit card payment.
  • But... and it's a HUGE but... Reservations are not valid until approved by the railroad people! So now we wait with our fingers crossed and hope they are gracious enough to sell us tickets.
  • Oh, we are so spoiled here in the USA...
  • Look forward to the trip!!! :)

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