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Friday, August 18, 2006

Another long day but it's Friday!!!

  • Met with one of my students this morning -- she missed online course orientation and needed instructions.
  • Waited (in vain) for another student. Bye-bye, girl! Don't waltz into my office on Monday and expect to stay in this course. We submit first week attendance and students are dropped from our classes if they haven't attended even once (or logged in, in this case). She already rescheduled twice so my patience is over.
  • Rushed to University City for a meeting (oooh, wouldn't have to rush if not for a student mentioned above).
  • Had a great meeting -- interesting people, wonderful ideas... Look forward to the first day of classes!
  • After a totally insane week, treated myself to a brief session of retail therapy. Tried on some shirts but didn't like them. Then found a great wool skirt. It's a little tight now but, hey, I am determined to lose all these ridiculous "extras." So it now hangs on my bedroom door as an incentive to watch my diet and exercise on a regular basis.
  • Went out to eat with some friends -- salad for me, thank you very much. The skirt is watching me! :)
  • Am I crazy to work on a Friday night? Shouldn't I be out, having fun? Alas, there is nothing to do in our Sleepy Town... and I have tons of things that really need my attention.
  • Really miss having a boyfriend (and, no, at this point I don't miss my ex-boyfriend -- glad to be rid of that guy); it would be nice to hang out on Friday nights with somebody closer than "just friends." Oh, well, maybe one day...
  • I will work tonight so I am tired enough to have a good night's sleep and sleep in tomorrow...

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