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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Great weekend so far...

  • Slept late -- oh, getting enough sleep can do wonders...
  • Did not get ANY complaints or stupid requests from students -- we are finally settling down, yeah! :)
  • Cautiously optimistic about one e-harmony match -- no real dates yet but have really enjoyed email exchanges so far; we seem to share many interests while adding nice differences to a mix; and he responds quickly -- in my "book," it means "truly cares."
  • Look forward to spending next weekend with my family -- IF Ernesto blows through before and doesn't affect our plans! Go away, Ernesto!
  • Well, work never ends; did accomplish quite a bit and feeling energized enough to work late tonight.

1 comment:

~profgrrrrl~ said...

Hooray for the good-so-far match. That's exciting.

And I hope your plans don't get ruined by the storm. Who knows what course it will actually be on!

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