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Friday, August 11, 2006

Hmmm... At least I am not neurotic... :)

As featured on profgrrrl's blog.

Neurotic Test

Results of "The Test"
How neurotic are you?

Your score = 10

What does your score mean?
Congratulations, you've got a grip! According to your test score, you have no (or very few) obsessions and paranoid tendencies. You appear to be pretty chilled out and don't have many major hang-ups. In fact, you probably just don't understand people who fixate on odd things that you don't even notice, and may even want to tell them to stop being so darn paranoid! Actually, having a few small hang-ups is pretty normal; so don't judge others too harshly. Just thank your lucky stars that you're not stuck with any of these little obsessions, as they can be a real pain in the behind. Way to go!

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