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Thursday, August 24, 2006

What is good and bad about today...

  • I am not feeling well (yeah, being a girl has its ups and downs)
  • Did not get much sleep (was working on something and did not want to stop, then had to pack for today's trip)
  • My muscles are tense (did not work out for about a week)
  • BUT...
  • My students are settling down and doing reasonably well; many of them are doing exceptionally well, in fact!
  • There are only three voice mail messages on my machine -- probably from a Chatty Student who starts calling at 6:00 a.m., calls every 30 minutes, and leaves a message every time. Hey, I only have to respond once! :)
  • My Inbox does not have any new messages -- cleared all of them this morning.
  • I am driving to the Flying University to see my brother and make sure he has everything for the next week when classes start there; also, we will attend a reception tonight and meet some of his professors.
  • My new gadgets and books arrived yesterday!
  • If I have time tonight, I will walk on the beach...

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