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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Armed and dangerous...

to any serious accomplishments, I am afraid.

  • students are taken care of -- check!
  • wireless connection is working in the hotel lobby -- check!
  • Vesti Mocha Valencia has been delivered (ooh, need that sugar and caffeine after a long week of too much work and not much sleep) -- check!
  • Laptop is open and ready -- check!
  • notepad and pen -- check!
  • noise level -- can't do anything about that

Now I need to at least try to accomplish something by 4:00 p.m. when my students will be back and babysitting duties will resume. Come on, brain, kick into a high gear! Move, fingers!

At least my students are having fun and learning so much. They were bubbling with excitement at lunchtime. Although I didn't plan it, I have a fairly diverse group -- White, Black, and Hispanic; one of each. All girls, though; couldn't find any guys interested in spending a long weekend attending conference presentations. Maybe next year. They have a variety of sessions to choose from, all very interesting and relevant for students.

Another reason I am willing to give up my entire weekend is an opportunity for my students to escape their limited lifestyles. We are staying at Marriott Courtyard, not fancy at all. Yet, one student was awed by the "motel." Two other students didn't say anything but I could tell they weren't used to "luxury." I take so many things for granted... Eating at Olive Garden-type restaurant? Big deal! Oh, it IS big deal for them, apparently. We also had an interesting conversation about appropriate attire and they look nice but are still comfortable today. Baggy (or skintight) jeans and T-shirts are gone and these girls look professional. I am so proud of them.

This is one way to show my students that I care about them beyond their coursework and "news" about Ms. Alice's caring attitude is passed down the "grapevine," often prompting other students to open up during class discussions and/or ask for help when necessary.

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