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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The level of frustration is mounting...

I can't stop thinking about what happened in our stats class tonight. We just finished a rather complicated unit, although most of it actually made sense to me. However, many people who were doing great during the first part of the course are confused now. I was able to process information better only because I hired a tutor.

With about half an hour to go, our professor stopped and, oh my, asked if we would like to have a Q&A session. Wow! Sure! She usually plows through like a T-rex in a hot pursuit of its dinner. One person asked a question and our "esteemed" professor attempted to answer, meandering in every which direction, muddying up rather than clarifying an issue. Another person attempted to rephrase the question, obviously hoping to get a better answer, and, poor thing, set off a siren, literally:

Professor, suddenly: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" She was so loud, most of us jumped in our seats.

Then, sweetly: "Do you have another question?"

The poor student, in a barely audible voice: "Nnno."

"Anybody else has any questions?" Total silence...

"OK, then we will start the next unit." Several of us, fed up with this treatment, spoke all at once (yeah, strength in numbers): "Wait, we just finished this unit and need time to process the information and apply it to the homework."

The evil witch just cackled and declared: "Of course not! We still have twenty minutes of class and I am not about to waste that time. You will find a way to sort out this information over the weekend. If anybody objects, you are free to leave."

Ouch! If you think I am just mad and making this up, I am afraid its truth and nothing but the truth. If she hates explaining things, what is she doing in education? Yeah, what a naive question...

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