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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A whirlwind of emotions, feelings, and events...

Happy, worried, smiling, tired, hopeful, doubtful, excited, despairing, determined, questioning, laughing, crying... Ah, what's happening to the calm and poised Ms. Alice my students know?

OK, a deep breath in... out...
  • This semester is almost over -- one more week for my students and two more weeks for me, then finals;
  • Although stats course is still a huge question mark, hanging precariously over my head, projects are falling neatly (um, eventually) into nice piles;
  • I am caught up on grading so there won't be a mad rush to grade, grade, grade;
  • I am treating myself to a cool trip in December;
  • Conference paper submission deadline has been extended and I will be able to submit my paper after all -- Hooray!
  • Above-mentioned paper is almost ready -- another Hooray!
  • It's cold outside but I will make a cup of hot chocolate as soon as I get to my office;
  • Oh, did I mention that I love my office? All that space? And a window?


Seeking Solace said...

Your list at the beginning of your post made me think of the seven dwards. We could call it the 12 Emotions of Academics!!! LOL!!!!

Alice said...

Hmmm... Good idea! Thanks! :)

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