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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yikes -- moving too fast!

As I am waiting for my class to finish an activity (two graduate students are conducting it for their research and I was told to sit quietly so not to influence students in any way), I am thinking that this semester has flown by so fast. In fact, we will meet only three times after today (well, really only twice since many of them may not be in class next week due to travel plans)!

I like this group of students -- they are bright, motivated, and inquisitive. They ask good questions and are not afraid to probe deeper, sometimes even forcing me to stop and really think because I don't always know the answer right away. They are moving beyond the basics and it's wonderful! You know, I would love to see them in action once they graduate and start teaching. I am also nostalgic about my middle school days.

They are working in groups for the next two meetings so I think I will bring some munchies for them. We can't eat in the lab but things can be set up in the lounge. Many of them were asking questions about one of my international trips so I might bring some ethnic finger foods.

OK, looks like they are almost done. Back to work!

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