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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

On rude students...

One student emailed me a couple days ago, requesting a transcript review. I promised to take a look as soon as possible and respond via email. She insisted on coming over to my office, preferably on Monday or Wednesday. Well, Wednesdays are absolutely crazy for me and so I don't have time for any office hours. Mondays are usually OK but not next week due to a number of reasons. So I offered to meet with her on Tuesday or Thursday. Um, she was not so happy. When I checked her information, I found out that I am not even her advisor. So I politely told her to go see her own advisor. I am usually glad to help but asking someone who is not your advisor to spend a good deal of time perusing through files and then complain because they couldn't accommodate you right away? Come on, stop pouting and be an adult!

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