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Thursday, November 09, 2006

On busy week and Christmas shopping

  • I feel like I am riding a monster rollecoaster, threatening to dump me off any minute now. So much to do... And my plans are being disrupted by all kinds of "stuff." On Tuesday, I was hoping to finish the paper. Unfortunately, one of my colleagues had a sick child at home and I was roped in to finish the project assigned to her. Grrrrrrrrrr... Today, it looks like I am popular -- a constant stream of students through my door...
  • Overheard one of my colleagues in the hall: "Oh, I don't understand my students. How could they do so poorly on the easiest test???" Ah, sounds familiar, buddy.
  • Last night, after a full day of teaching two classes and attending a class of my own, I was so tired I knew I won't accomplish anything important. So I stopped at the mall and did some early Christmas shopping. I can't stand the crowds and gift-buying frenzy and my family members have agreed a long time ago to buy only small practical (but still fun whenever possible) gifts. All of us have so many useless trinkets already! So I already bought some things online and last night purchased several tubes of body cream and this gorgeous robe for my sister (oooh, it's so soft -- I bought one several years ago and absolutely love it). Hmmm... maybe I need a new one??? What do you think?
  • Maybe not. I bought two pairs of shoes!!! Stylish and comfortable! Wearing one pair today and love it!

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