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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Last day of classes -- well, almost!

I am teaching two F2F courses (not counting TA courses) this semester and one met for the last time this morning! We had a great discussion of various types of insurance, had a quick review, and now all they have to do is take the final exam; since it's posted online, we exchanged season greetings and probably won't meet again until next semester.

Tomorrow is the final day for my other course. And grades are due by December 8th. Lots of grading (seven courses total, three of them online) but things are moving fast!!!

Of course, I have one more week of my own classes plus finals. Still, it feels good. This semester was the worst ever in my college career, no doubt. Even combinining student teaching with a full load of courses and full-time job wasn't as tough. But I have survived so far!!! And I don't give up! :)

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