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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Articulation Meeting

We met with our service area high school teachers (three counties) in order to articulate our courses, hoping to find at least some high school courses that can be used for college credit. It's a great program since students can earn college credit while still in high school, pick up any remaining courses, and graduate/move on to the next degree faster.

In our program, I was able to prepare three agreements (wow, these teachers are good and they are teaching necessary skills). As we were wrapping things up, another teacher approached our table, talked briefly with my colleague (who is new and was observing), and proceeded to chat with another person -- about kids, upcoming conference, lesson plans... And here we are, waiting for her, giving her dirty looks, while everybody else is about to leave. I finally interrupted her (yes, rude -- but I was desperate) but only for a moment -- she handed me her binder with all the programs and kept on chatting!!! I looked through her programs and it appeared that she taught every skill under the sun -- do you think her instruction results in adequate coverage??? OK, another 10 minutes go by; all papers are cleared; most people are outside. I had enough -- closed her binder, packed my stuff, and turned around to leave. Huh, here she comes: "Are you Ms. Alice? I am so and so from County High School. Would you sign our agreements? We have three courses."

What did Alice do? Um, smiled and said: "Nice to meet you, Ms. SoSo. Unfortunately, we ran out of time tonight; we waited for you for the past twenty minutes and now we have to leave; college vans are waiting outside. As for your courses, please identify main areas and email me how you are teaching those skills." And left, with another smile and a wave.

Rude? Yes. Upset? Yes. Especially since one of the courses she wanted to articulate was Office Procedures -- in this course, we teach business ethics. If she teaches her kids to ignore business proceedings, it's a sad situation.

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