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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 56: Back to the Diet: Omelettes for Breakfast

Since we had all those carbs yesterday, I was very hungry this morning so made omelettes with mushrooms, green peppers, and tomatoes for breakfast.  Since I love omelettes, it was a good way to jump-start the diet.

Eggs, Whole 213.0 cal 3 eggs
Cooked Mushrooms, Portabella, fresh 21.0 cal 0.5 cup
Cooked Tomatoes, fresh 22.0 cal 0.5 cup
Cooked Peppers, Green, fresh 19.0 cal 0.5 cup
Salt, Table 0.0 cal 1 dash
Pepper, Black, Ground 0.3 cal 1 dash
Parsley, Raw 1.4 cal 1 tbsp
Cheddar Cheese, Shredded, Nonfat (Kraft) ,Natural 10.0 cal 1 tbsp

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