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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Excuse, excuses...

One of my students stayed after class today and we had this conversation...

Student:  "I am behind on my assignments."

Ms. Alice:  "OK, I know that.  Are you planning to meet the next deadline?  What can I do to help?"

Student:  "I don't know, I will try...  Oh, give me extra credit, pleeeeeeeease."

Ms. Alice:  "If you can't complete scheduled assignments, how are you planning to complete extra credit work?"

Student:  "Oh, I don't know...  But it's not my fault!  I did not know it's a web-enhanced course and so we meet only once a week.  I don't have a computer at home and so can only work during class time."

Ms. Alice:  "Did you register for classes on your own?"

Student:  "Yes, of course."

Ms. Alice:  "Well, here you go -- you did know this class only meets once each week.  As for computer access, there are plenty of computer labs on this campus.  One of them is even open on Saturdays."

Why do I have to explain common-sense stuff like this?!


Seeking Solace said...

Sigh. I am dealing with the same crap from my students. Do they think that they can get away with this stuff when they are out in the "real world"?

Alice said...

That's what I keep telling my students -- you will not survive unless you learn how to behave.

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