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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Losing Weight Project: Day 20/Crab Stuffed Pork with Light Caesar Salad

Beauty (Beauts)
Boots and Beauts, our babies...
Finally it's a little cooler outside...  I was able to open my upstairs balcony door to get some fresh air and Boots loved spending some time outside.  There are several trees close to the upstairs deck and so he can sit and watch the birds.  His paw is healing well and I actually mastered the art of squirting nasty-tasting medicine into his mouth.  Why can't they make better-tasting medicines?  The poor thing is so sweet and I hate to torture him but, as we all know, once you start the antibiotic, you have to finish or you will end with antibiotic resistance and lack of options if there is another infection.  We have a little donut-shaped pillow and so I wrap him in that, hold him under my arm, and slowly squirt the stuff.  He does not try to scratch or bite but you can see just how nasty that stuff is -- the poor thing is choking and gasping.  I have the open can of his favorite food ready so he can get the taste out of his mouth immediately.

S. spoiled Beauty and now she refuses to eat her food, preferring our food instead.  Who can blame her?! ;)  Her favorite treat?  Dried chicken wrapped in dried sweet potato?  I bought some at Marshall's and she patiently sits and waits (very difficult for a young puppy!) for a piece!  She also loves fresh veggies -- enthusiastically chomps on tomatoes and cucumbers!  Can you tell she has a team preference, too? ;)

I blogged about a week ago about requiring students to complete orientation quiz before accessing any course assignments.  There is a very simple but so cool option where you link the release of the folder to student's grade for the particular assignment.  Right now, when my students log in, they will only see orientation quiz and course syllabus.  When each student completes the quiz with 100% (they have unlimited attempts), the assignments folder will open and he/she will be able to start working on course assignments.  Because both orientation quiz and course syllabus are very detailed, I hope there will be less confusion, and, students won't be able to say "but I did not know..."  Unless there is a very unusual situation, it's all there and one of the statements on the quiz is a confirmation that they read the entire syllabus and understood all course policies.  I hope this approach will reduce the number of lengthy emails that take so much time...

Experimenting with pork chops today...  This package had two large pork chops so I divided it into three portions and have to eat pork for three days... Since there are only a few dishes I don't mind eating again and again, I have to be creative so I have something a little different every day. 

The original recipe is found here and would taste much better, of course, but I am making modifications to meet the diet requirements.

Crab Stuffed Pork with Light Ceasar Salad

Mix seasonings -- salt, pepper, thyme, cayenne pepper, etc.  Place the pork chop on a flat surface and make a 1" slit to form a pocket, being careful not to cut all the way through the meat.  Tenderize the meat, being careful not to damage the pocket.  Sprinkle with seasonings on the outside and inside.

Finely chop green peppers and saute in a skillet sprayed with non-stick spray.  Stir in crab meat and cream cheese.  Add remaining seasoning mix.  Spoon mixture into the pork chop pocket and secure with a couple of toothpicks.  My pocket was too small so I placed the remaining mixture on top.

Spray the casserole dish with non-stick butter-flavored spray, cover with aluminum foil, and bake for approximately 20 minutes, turning once.  Uncover and cook for 10 more minutes or until done and turned golden brown.  Toss shredded romaine lettuce with Parmesan cheese and Light Caesar dressing.

Medifast Scrambled Eggs 100.0 cal 1 Each -- one of my favorite Medifast meals, if cooked on the skillet; microwaved eggs are rubbery...  Sprinkle some cheese and/or herbs and you have a delicious meal!
Cheddar Cheese, Shredded, Nonfat (Kraft) ,Natural 3.3 cal 1 tsp
Parsley, Raw 0.3 cal 0.25 tbsp

Medifast Banana Creme 55 Shake 90.0 cal 1 Each

Pork Chop 286.0 cal 5 oz
Crab Meat 27.3 cal 1 oz
Cooked Peppers, Green, fresh 19.0 cal 0.5 cup
Salt, Table 0.0 cal 1 dash
Thyme, Dried, Ground 2.7 cal 0.5 tsp
Pepper, Black, Ground 2.7 cal 0.5 tsp
Raw Lettuce, Romaine 12.0 cal 1.5 cup
Parmesan Cheese, Shredded 20.8 cal 1 tbsp
Light Caesar Italian 25.0 cal 2 tbsp
Fat-Free Cream Cheese 15.0 cal 1 tbsp

Medifast Vanilla Pudding 100.0 cal 1 Each

Medifast Chicken Noodle Soup 100.0 cal 1 Each

Medifast Dutch Chocolate 55 Shake 90.0 cal 1 Each

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