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Friday, August 20, 2010

Peer Communication

Friday!!! We had training this morning and then I had to meet with one of my students... and talk with a part-time faculty member who, I think, is just lonely and wants to talk because the issue was not important at all. This person called at 8:00 am this morning, at my house. Yes, 8:00 am, on Friday, our day off, using my home phone number! I have to be careful not to offend this individual because we desperately need part-timers but will have a face-to-face discussion next week about what is and is not appropriate. I don't mind helping but there are certain boundaries. Hopefully, it was a one-time deal and won't happen again.

Update:  We talked and this instructor apologized.  Apparently, our adjuncts don't realize that we are on a four-day schedule.  Well, theoretically...  That's probably why most people don't even know about the four-day thing.  Many meetings and workshops are scheduled on Fridays but the college is officially closed at noon and we're not supposed to be on campus after 12:00.  Still, it was not appropriate to call at home...  Apparently, it's a common practice at the person's full-time employment.

For my part, I was firm but very nice and understanding.  We were able to resolve this situation peacefully and, I think, gained a new level of respect for each other.

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Seeking Solace said...

It's really important to set bounderies. Bugging someone at 8 AM on my day off about stuff that is not relevant to the job and we are NOT friends would so piss me off!

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