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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Losing Weight Project: Day 34/BBQ Beef and Salad

Our router-modem decided to quit so we didn't have Internet.  After hours on the phone, we were finally able to connect last night.  What a relief!

I made this yummy and fairly healthy recipe:

BBQ Beef
I bought a package of lean Denver Cut steak on sale and decided to BBQ in a slow-cooker.  Season meat with favorite spices (I just used salt-pepper).  Some people pre-bake first, to remove fat.  I just cooked in a slow cooker on high for a couple of hours, until there was lots of liquid.  Drain the liquid and cover meat with your favorite BBQ sauce.  Cook on low for 6-8 hours or until meat is tender.  It was delicious and, because I started with a lean cut and then drained most of the fat, I think it was fairly healthy, too.

We enjoyed it with a simple salad -- lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, salt/pepper, and olive oil (just drizzle for taste).

Here is an approximate calorie breakdown (spices not included):

Beef Steak 277.0 cal 5 oz
Raw Lettuce, Romaine 8.0 cal 1 cup
Raw Cucumber, with peel 8.0 cal 0.5 cup
Raw Tomatoes 16.0 cal 0.5 cup
Barbecue Sauce, Hickory Smoke (Kraft) 20 cal 1 tbsp
Oil, Olive (Salad or Cooking) 20.0 cal 0.5 tsp

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